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Every 16 minutes, a person in Germany falls ill with leukaemia. Whether a child or an adult - no one is safe from this illness. And everyone can contribute to conquering it: because with the help of a stem cell donor, leukaemia can be beaten. The problem: for a successful transplantation, the tissue features of the patient and donor must be a nearly 100 percent match - this is what makes the search so difficult, because the chances of finding a matching donor are between 1:20,000 and 1: several million. That means that there may be a leukaemia patient out there that can only  be healed by your stem cells.

The DKMS German Bone Marrow Centre was founded on May 28,  1991 by Dr. Peter Harf because of his wife Mechthild's leukaemia. Today, the DKMS family has developed into the largest data network in the world, with more than 4 million registered donors currently. 

What is leukaemia?

Leukaemia is the general term for serious illnesses of the bone marrow and blood forming systems, in which the normal formation of blood is disturbed by the uncontrolled propagation of malignant blood cells. Due to these cancerous cells, the blood can't fulfil its vital activities, such as fighting infections, transporting oxygen or stopping bleeding. Leukaemia patients can often only conquer the illness with the help of a stem cell donation. 

Who can become a donor?

Basically, everyone between the ages of 18 and 55 can become a stem cell donor. All that is important is that you are in good physical condition, have no chronic illnesses and do not belong to a high risk group. Your tissue characteristics are determined by a simple cheek swab or a blood test. 

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Interview with DKMS Managing Director Ms. Sandra Bothur

In Conversation with Sandra Bothur, Managing Director of the DKMS

Dear Ms. Bothur, how has the DKMS developed since it was founded?

When the DKMS German Bone Marrow Centre was founded in 1991 as a non-profit GmbH, there were 3,000 donors in Germany. Today, the DKMS has developed immensely and, with more than 4 million registered stem cell donors, is the world's biggest data centre. To date, more than 41,500 DKMS donors have given a new hope for life to leukaemia patients worldwide.

How can businesses-smaller as well as larger-help the DKMS?

Despite enormous developments, even today in Germany, every fifth patient still doesn't find a matching stem cell donor. To meet the idea case of finding a matching donor for every patient, we need to keep building up our data. Businesses of every size play a central role: those responsible can use their organizational structures to inform their employees and through a company typing event, they can offer the change to get registered for us and assume the costs involved. We appreciate all support in the fight against leukaemia."

30 Years of MÖWIUS - Celebrating and Helping!

What would you wish for as the result of the campaign? Even just the fact MÖWIUS has used the occasion of its company jubilee to engage itself for our cause is a success. It shows that we have arrived in the public consciousness and that we can be successful in the fight against leukaemia together. With every newly motivated donor that MÖWIUS and the businesses it has appealed to win in the fight against leukaemia, the chances for a leukaemia patient grow. Because every single one could be exactly the genetic twin that can give a patient somewhere in the world a new chance at life!"

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Videos of the DKMS

As is generally known, a film can say more than a thousand words. Take a few minutes and discover quite simply how you can support the DKMS.

How do you become a donor? Discover here how simple it is to save a life:

Video 1 / The Registration
And what happens when it's a match? The video answers all questions about the process of donating stem cells quite simply:

Video 2 / Stem Cell Donation
Also, little Tim has won the fight against blood cancer. Thanks to many new donors:

Video 3 / Tim

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If you are interested in the work of the DKMS, the official documents of the German Bone Marrow Centre are available to download:

Short Profile of the DKMS

Fact Sheet about the DKMS

Flyer about the DKMS

Information About Stem Cell Donation FAQs

About DKMS and Stem Cell Donation

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