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We at MÖWIUS see ourselves as caretakers and problem solvers- in "small parts" and questions of work safety. In the process, we search for individual solutions for you. The DKMS German Bone Marrow Donor Centre is also looking for individuality - they are looking for the "genetic twins" of leukaemia patients.  Because someone in Germany is diagnosed with leukaemia every 16 minutes. For many of the patients, a stem cell donation is their only change at survival. But sadly, every fifth patient does not get a matching donor. On the occasion of our 30th anniversary in 2014, we have initiated a joint project with the DKMS German Bone Marrow Donor Centre.

"30 Years of MÖWIUS - Celebrate and Save Lives!"

Many of our employees have registered as potential stem cell donors. In addition, we have appealed to our business partners to join us in the service of a good cause. The DKMS was immediately excited by the idea: "Businesses of every size play an increasingly meaningful role in the fight against leukaemia," Sandra Bothur, managing director of the DKMS knows. "With every newly motivated donor that MÖWIUS and its partners win in the fight against leukaemia, the chance for a leukaemia patient grows. Because every single one could be exactly the genetic twin that can give a patient somewhere in the world a new chance at life!"

By the end of 2014, we had formed a broad alliance of business, education, and sport in the fight against leukaemia. At the end of the year, the Hamburg School of Business Administration (HSBA) had also joined our campaign. Sporting support was given to the campaign by the FIH Player of the Year Tobias Hauke: "It's a great honour for me to support the DKMS in their vital mission of finding a matching stem cell donor for every leukaemia patient." and the Hamburg Olympics ambassador and HSBA student Eric Johannesen: "MÖWIUS has started a great campaign, which I'm very happy to support. Of course, I'm especially happy that my college and my fellow students are now also on board.".

In all, almost 200 people had themselves typed as part of the campaign, and in addition, as much as EUR 17,000 of donations could be collected. 25 businesses have taken part in our campaign. We are especially happy that through our campaign, someone was found who will be in the final selection of donors for a patient. In the following pages, you can discover more about our campaign, our partners, and how you can also become engaged for the DKMS.

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Publications about our anniversary may be found in our Press Area.


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