Company philosophy

MÖWIUS combines, in good commercial tradition, high quality standards and consistent service.

Our company
We have set ourselves the goal of being our customers’ first point of contact in all aspects of occupational safety and C-parts management. MÖWIUS regards itself as a reliable occupational safety trader as well as system supplier and a trusted partner in the SHOP IN FACTORY® and E-Procurement (purchasing) area.

Our support allows our customers to concentrate on their core tasks. Our service based on individual and needs-based solutions secures places of work at our company and at those of our customer and creates a safeguard for the future.

MÖWIUS brings together conservative commercial values and efficient distribution. We thus serve as connectors between the experts in our customers’ operations and the producers and suppliers, the experts for the products offered by us.

Our values & standards
MÖWIUS is open to changes and takes advantage of business opportunities. However, we maintain values and standards which have proven their worth. Our success is based on employee well being, employee development as well as competence, engagement and operational readiness. We concentrate on finding solutions to our customers’ challenges and grant our employees as much individual responsibility and freedom as is possible.

All MÖWIUS employees are trained on the subject of compliance. Within the MÖWIUS GmbH, we work and live according to our compliance regulations. The team contributes to an open and honest working atmosphere. We place great emphasis on friendly interaction with each other and treating others as we would like to be treated. We also give high regard to the compatibility of family and professional life for men and women. We thereby avoid fluctuation and loss of competence. Growth and further development afford our employees individual career prospects. In this sense, we also strive for long-term business relations, characterised by fair dealings with one another and supported by responsible consulting.

Quality is our top priority both in terms of our processes as well as in the selection of our products and services offered. We maintain a quality management system according to the international standard, DIN ISO 9001:2008. According to this standard, each employee is jointly responsible for the quality of the company services.

Our services and products
Our services and products allow us to contribute to protection in everyday working life. When selecting the services and products, we feel obligated to the safety of employee and human rights, environmental protection as well as assuming social responsibility. We thereby prevent occupational accidents each day and protect the lives and health of employees. 

MÖWIUS provides flexible solutions to problems, which takes the off the purchasing department of our customers. Our core services include good availability, short response times, quick processing of enquiries and prompt handling of orders. We achieve cost savings while at the same time improving user satisfaction by being in constant contact with our customers.

We provide our customers with only the required products, suitable for individual use with an economical price and service life. SHOP IN FACTORY® System and Safety Check Concept facilitate our customers’ everyday working lives and contribute to cost reductions and occupational safety in equal measure.  

Dipl. Kfm. Wolfgang Möwius
Managing Director