Our Typing for "World Blood Cancer Day"

On the 21 of May, our anniversary campaign with the DKMS began. Of course, we wanted to lead with a good example, and carried out our blood typing on May 28, the day the DKMS was founded and the campaign day for the first "World Blood Cancer Day". 16 employees from MÖWIUS had themselves registered as potential donors on this day, and 3 were already registered.

"A successful start to a wonderful campaign, which the company has implemented with a great deal of personal engagement," Sabrina Bellen, who is responsible for the attraction of new donors at the DKMS, enthused about the typing action taken by MÖWIUS. "I am convinced that the company's example will be imitated by many."

Even while planning the anniversary campaign, we noticed that in the DKMS, we had found a partner tuned to the same wavelength. That was confirmed in the organization of our company typing: quite free of complications, we found a way to integrate the campaign into our workflow.