General information on head protection

The protective helmet is subject to DIN-EN 397.

Protective helmets must be worn for all work and activities during which head injuries may occur due to objects falling down, falling over and being hurled, due to suspended loads and due to impacts of obstacles. They must be provided by the company in an adequate number and in good condition and they must be worn by the employees and kept in perfect condition.

Wearing duration

Experience has shown that a wearing duration of approx. 4 years can be achieved with thermoplastic protective helmets, without the protective effect being noticeably reduced.

For protective helmets made from thermosetting plastics, the wearing duration is limited due to mechanical damage. The production date is imprinted onto the protective helmets. For safety reasons, we recommend that the helmets are replaced after 4 or 5 years.

Following accidents involving strong impacts, the protective helmet must, under no circumstances, continue to be used.

Personal advice

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