General information on skin protection programs

Skin diseases (occupational dermatoses) are the most commonly occurring occupational diseases at work. Our skin protection program consists of three points:

1. Applying hand protection cream before and during work ensures that debris and contaminants cannot penetrate deep into the skin. Cleaning the hands is also made easier.

2. Dirty hands should be thoroughly cleaned, after breaks and at the end of the working day, but also during work in a manner which is kind to the skin. Depending on the degree of contamination to the hands, there are three products available.  

3. In order to replenish the natural oil and moisture content, skin care cream is applied after work. 

The advantages: The products are compatible with one another and offer an optimal complete solution. Dosing using the robust NOW dispenser system guarantees a high standard of hygiene and a high level of efficiency. There is no longer a need to reach into open containers and a high spreading rate with low dosage amounts is achieved!

You will find the skin protection plan for workshops and industry here.

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