General Information on fall protection

EN 341:

Abseiling devices

EN 353-2:

Guided type fall arresters on a flexible anchorage line

EN 354:


EN 358:

Personal protective equipment for work positioning and prevention of falls

EN 360:

Retractable type fall arresters

EN 361:

Full body harnesses

EN 363:

Fall arrest systems

EN 795:

Anchor devices


Usage period

The usage period of personal protective equipment for holding and saving is dependent upon the respective conditions of use; the information in the usage instructions as well as all required statutory provisions and regulations of the professional associations must be observed.

The company arranges for the personal protective equipment for support and rescue to be checked in accordance with the conditions of use and the operational conditions, as required, at least every 12 months to ensure they are in good order. The products, as a rule, must be sent to the manufacturer within the audit period or to an authorised agent or individual (Expert according to BGG 906).

Personal advice

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Further information

e.g. M•A•S Gesamtkatalog "Protective equipment"