C-parts management

In the age of globalisation, procurement efficiency is an increasingly important factor in order to remain competitive. In materials management, three material groups are classified according to an ABC analysis based on their value to quantity ratio. In this respect, C-goods represent low-value materials with a high procurement quantity.

Analyses prove that the procurement efficiency in the area of C-parts is primarily dependent on the process costs. As a result of this understanding, in 2000, we developed the SHOP IN FACTORY® concept in cooperation with the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg and a management consulting company. This concept achieves a maximum reduction in costs by connecting modern C-parts management and flexible procurement services. 

Based on comprehensive studies of your range of materials as well as your procurement processes, we search together with you for savings potentials and based on this, we develop a concept individually tailored to your needs. In this respect, we focus on ensuring maximum supply security with simultaneous cost reduction.

We would be pleased to illustrate the specific advantages of our concept in a presentation. Please contact is at any time. We look forward to an interesting discussion.

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