11 January 2017 - Collision protection redefined!

Do you also have the issue of dented rack legs due to carelessness when manoeuvring using a fork lift? You can avoid this problem using the RPM rack leg protector from the company MPM Deutschland GmbH. You can significantly reduce your maintenance and repair costs with very effective protection against damage to rack legs. Rack legs consist of a compact, highly-elastic PVC cover and 3 inner, shock-absorbent rubber profiles. These are dimensionally and colour stable as well as UV resistant. The RPM 600 is suitable for a rack width of 80 to 100 mm, it looks good and is easy to assemble. The visibility is increased by the yellow signal colour and the smooth surface is very easy to clean. The rack leg protector can also be used in the foodstuffs sector and complies with all requirements of safety officers.

1 November 2016 – The new MÖWIUS occupational safety catalogue is here!

NEW in this catalogue are articles from the manufacturer, Weldas®. The range includes products such as clothing and gloves made from leather for welding protection. Weldas Lava Brown™ leather is extremely heat-resistant and is made from durable, smooth split cowhide leather. A further innovation is our brand relaunch. The brand NOW and KOMPASS have become the brand name PROMAT – of course with the usual good quality. We have also ocourse meaningfully expanded our comprehensive range for you this year with new products, e.g. from the company 3M.

10 August 2016 - Breathing air supply - rental service

As much as necessary, as little as possible. This simple rule for calculating demand also applies when it comes to the provision of safety-related equipment. In practice, however, unforeseen circumstances can quickly cause bottlenecks. Whether this concerns gas measurement devices, personal protective equipment or full safety equipment for special situations such as maintenance work or standstills. Using our rental service, you can efficiently implement the desired level of safety at all times. Our specialist staff would be pleased to help you.

1 July 2016 – The first Bluetooth lock

Are you also one of those people who mislay their keys now and then? We can now provide a solution. Master Lock has developed the first Bluetooth lock. And the best part is that your smartphone is the key! Master Lock recognised that in areas with high security requirements, traditional padlocks have limitations. Mislaid keys, unauthorised copies of keys, or difficult-to-remember number combinations are only some of the many security gaps in the case of conventional padlocks. In order to avoid these restrictions, Master Lock developed the Bluetooth® Smart Connected padlock. This lock is opened exclusively via your smartphone and gives you the possibility of managing access for your employees more comfortably, whereby, for example you create all users via the monitoring feature and the activities protocol. Are you intrigued? You can get further information on the Master Lock Bluetooth® Smart Connected padlock here.

2 June 2016 – Prevention and occupational safety with the aid of virtual reality

Through our news, we want to keep you up to date not only regarding innovations from MÖWIUS, but also to make you aware of current developments in our industry. We came across a project from the experts in Hamburg, Laurich & Kollegen who have started a project with partners in order to communicate the basics of occupational safety to job entrants in a tailored manner with the aid of virtual reality. The aim is to use this technology to make the job entrants familiar with correct behaviour at the workplace as well as the potential dangers of possible wrongdoing. A test is also envisaged at the end of the virtual workshop in order to also be able to document the teaching. “We have already been engaged with the communication of topics of occupational safety and the prevention of occupational accidents in the industry and services sectors for many years”, says project manager Dr. Frank Laurich. “Virtual reality now gives us the possibility to make different work situations possible to experience in a very different way. The participants can thus experience the potential consequences of their actions under very realistic conditions and at their own pace. We are now consciously starting with a project in initial training, in this case in the services sector. The full digitalisation means the approach can, however, be extended in breath and depth as desired.” ”Nowadays occupational safety is primarily concerned with recognising dangers ad controlling processes in the respective companies. Modern heath and safety at work is characterised today by target-orientated prevention, ergonomy, health promotion and much more”, says MÖWIUS Manager Wolfgang Möwius. “I find it very exciting to see the possibilities that virtual reality can offer our industry.” For further information and queries, you can reach the project manager Frank Laurich at or on 040 752577 990.

20 April 2016 – Test your employees for the influence of drugs at the workplace

In safety-related areas, working under the influence of drugs can have devastating consequences. Even small concentrations can have unforeseen effects and influence performance and prudence. This is particularly risky in potentially explosive environments or when operating machinery or industrial trucks. Performance pressure, stress and fatigue are the main reasons for drug use by employees. In this respect, it is often underestimated that e.g. even a small dose of THC (cannabis use) may be sufficient to limit the ability to concentrate and exercise judgement. The Narcotics Act (BtMG) subjects the handling of drugs, but not the use itself, to a comprehensive state check and provides a penalty for the illicit handling of drugs. The Narcotics Act also applies for the handling of drugs in the workplace. Drugs tests serve to prove recent drug use which allows conclusions to be drawn regarding the current influence (see Occupational Safety and Health Act 2 Occupational Physicians). Regular checks of your employees contribute to a safer workplace. In addition, employees can be tested for drug use even before employment in order to rule out such safety gaps at your workplaces (see German Social Accident Insurance [DGUV] 6 Occupational Medical Precautions Section 2 General Provisions). Even external employees or contractors who have access to the business premises may be subjected to a drugs test in order to minimise dangers. If the individuals refuse, their access may be denied (see German Social Accident Insurance 1 Guidelines for Prevention Section 2 Obligations of the Employer). DRÄGER provides the compact rapid drugs test, DrugCheck® 3000 for such checks. You will thus know in the shortest time whether someone is currently under the influence of drugs. The compact rapid drugs test based on saliva provides you, simply and inexpensively, with reliable test results on-site. The device in pocket format does not require electricity and can thus be used anywhere. Source: Drägerwerk AG & Co. KGaA. The automatic test process with an analyser. The device reads out not only the test results, but also simultaneously checks the environmental conditions of the test (maintaining the required waiting time, measuring and setting the temperature), automatic sample preparation (no shaking, etc.). The result is shown conclusively on the display. Comprehensive data management such as data input, memory and printing option. Source: Drägerwerk AG & Co. KGaA

22 January 2016 – save the date - Arbeitsschutz Aktuell Trade Fair 2016

The Arbeitsschutz Aktuell trade fair opens its doors in Hamburg from 11 – 13/10/2016. We are exhibiting directly in the entrance area of Hall B6 this year together with our Kompass partner Niemann-Laes GmbH. We are very much looking forward to being able to present you not only new industry highlights on the topic of health and safety at the workplace, but also interesting products from our manufacturing partners. You will be surprised by entertainment highlights and product innovations. With this in mind, keep this important date free! You will receive your personal invitation from us in time before the start of the trade fair.

4 December 2015 – Review of A+A trade fair

Digital Safety-Check: Our highlight from this year’s A+A. The A+A proved once again this year that it is the international leading trade fair. More than 65,000 specialist visitors were able to see the innovative force of our industry. MÖWIUS had a look around for you and was able to uncover some very interesting innovations from our suppliers, such as for example the completely anti-mist glasses with 3M Scotchgard coating from the company, 3M. We are already looking forward to presenting this item to our customers. The entry of the KOMPASS Group into the trade fair was very eye-catching with the new standardised outfits of the employees. MÖWIUS introduced here the digital version of the Safety-Check, together with the partners, by means of different workplace examples. The comprehensive risk analysis for customers on-site is thereby even more efficient, especially through the direct access to the Safety-Check database. The new website of the KOMPASS Group also went online just in time for the beginning of the trade fair. Now you can find information regarding the Safety-Check at and all further offers from participating specialist traders. Our highlight from the A+A 2015 was, however, the many interesting discussions which we were able to have with our regular customers and new contacts. We look forward to continued cooperation.

05 November 2015 - A+A 2015

Trade fair showcasing safer and healthier work. For the 30th A+A in Düsseldorf, more companies than ever flocked to the internationally leading occupational safety trade fair - 1,887 exhibitors from 57 nations. The product highlights of the specialist trade fair, which takes place in two-year cycles, included the following: The first electronic level-dependent earplugs, a very robust safety knife made of aluminium with ergonomic pincer grip, large cut depth and fully automatic blade return, Elten WellMaxx – a new outer sole known in the sports shoe area – high dampening effect, protective goggles completely mist-free due to special, patented coating. In addition to a specialist presentation by Mr Möwius at the A+A conference, MÖWIUS GmbH, on the joint stand of the KOMPASS group, enriched the trade fair with its expertise in matters of occupational safety. By way of workplace examples, we presented the digital refinement of the Safety Check concept at A+A. It is a solution approach which the KOMPASS group, a federal association of specialist companies for PPE, has developed. The aim of the Safety Check is to provide a business-specific and holistic action plan for the companies with a comprehensive risk analysis by certified specialist consultants for personal protective equipment. The manufacturer-independent solution package supports the operational specialists for occupational safety and achieves the highest possible wearing acceptance through e.g. employee surveys and individual wear tests and thus the optimal employee protection. Further information on the Safety Check can be found here. In many discussions, we also intensified dialogue with existing customers at the trade fair and made new contacts in the industry. In time for the trade fair, we also presented the KOMPASS group website in its new design. The website went live on the first day of the trade fair, 27/10/2015. An integral part of the new website is our image page. We would also like to thank you again this year for coming and your interest. Your MÖWIUS Team

26 August 2015 - The new MÖWIUS OSH catalogue is almost here!

The time has come. The new MÖWIUS OSH catalogue 2015/2016 comes in October. We would like to take this opportunity to point out the highlights! You will recognise a product with an attractive price in "TOP Value". Specifics next to the items are "Tips", best-selling product are labelled "Top Sellers" and new products, such as the shoe brand Baak, is labelled "New". We will gladly send you a copy of our catalogue on request.

21 July 2015 - Lockout – New rules in the Industrial Safety Regulation

On 1 June 2015, the new Industrial Safety Regulation (BetrSichV) came into force without a transitional arrangement. A “certain” legal uncertainty was thereby minimised in the matter of Lockout-Tagout. The maintenance works maintain the highest priority: those who deliberately do not observe the regulations of the Industrial Safety Regulation risk a penalty according to §23 of the Industrial Safety Regulation. Those who wish to know more about the important regulations/changes in the case of the organisation of dangerous energies can click here. (Source: Master Lock Deutschland GmbH)

8 June 2015 - MÖWIUS 2015/2016 Tool & Technology Catalogue

Our new tool & technology catalogue is here. There are approximately 25,000 items from various product categories available to you in one edition and we are proud to present ourselves as your high-performance partner for C-parts and specialist in the areas of tools and technology. Interested? Call us!

30 March 2015 - Employer's liability insurance association rule (BGR) 191 has been called DGUV [German Social Accident Insurance] Rule 112-191 since 2014

Following the merging of the employers’ liability insurance associations (BG) and public accident insurers, the German Social Accident Insurance has standardised and renamed the documents. BGR 191 has been called DGUV 112-191 since 2014. The German Social Accident Insurance Rules for health and safety at work serves for the prevention of occupational accidents, occupational illnesses and work-related health risks. The DGUV Rule 112-191 concerns the use of foot and knee protection. In January 2007, a change to the BGR 191 Guideline came into force. It says that each orthopaedic adjustment of safety shoes must be tested as to whether the latter continues to comply with the requirements of the EN ISO 20345 standards according to the certificate. This test must be carried out by an official test institute which subsequently issues an EC type examination certificate. The costs for such a test are considerable such that it is not economically sustainable to carry this out for each requested orthopaedic change and each single pair of shoes. However in order to meet the demand for orthopaedic adjustments, ELTEN GmbH offers a comprehensive range of safety shoes for the most common orthopaedic problems, which have been certified in advance to this end. Source:

16 February 2015 – Prevention campaign "Think of me – Your back"

In January 2015, the trade associations; accident insurance companies; their umbrella association, the DGUV (German Social Accident Insurance); the Landwirtschaftliche Sozialversicherung (agricultural social insurance institution) as well as the miners’ association together began a prevention campaign regarding the topic of “Think of me. Your back”. All are pursuing the same goal: to raise awareness, to demonstrate the possible ways of prevention and to encourage implementation. In this regard, it is often even the small things, such as for example back fitness, an ergonomically-orientated workplace, carrying aids or a regular massage for which our back thanks us. We at MÖWIUS GmbH have also recognised this problem and provide prevention. Firstly, we educate our employees regarding the topic of an “ergonomically-orientated workplace” and secondly our employees have the opportunity to enjoy a back-friendly massage once a month at the company.   Our mobile masseur, Florian Englisch, from elbRücken describes the situation in offices as follows: “Office jobs have, almost without exception, an unpleasant side effect: tensions due to the long time sitting down at the computer. Stress at work does the rest. An office massage provides an effective and sustained remedy to counter this”. (Source:

15 January 2015 - The Motion 3XL safety shoe for diabetics

According to estimates from the 2013 IDF Diabetes Atlas, approximately 382 million people suffer from diabetes. At present, there are approximately 7 million sufferers in Germany alone. There are two types: Type 1 (an autoimmune disease which is treated with insulin from the start) and Type 2 (progressive development, the symptoms of which are difficult to detect).  Frequent secondary diseases of Type 2 are sensibility to pressure and pain in the feet as well as excessive callous formation. Stumbling or falling due to hypersensitivity is also common. If employees continue to be allowed to wear safety shoes commonly available on the market, this may result in fatigue fractures in the midfoot area and lengthy treatments for ulcers on the feet, which generally entails long periods of absence from work. If this problem is ignored in the long term, it may result in a severe deformation of the feet, which may be followed by occupational disability.  For this reason, UVEX developed the Uvex Motion 3XL safety shoe especially for diabetics, which satisfies all safety requirements for an S3 shoe and in addition prevents the formation of typical diabetes-related pressure points. Combined with maximum movability for the foot in the shoe with high stability and wearing comfort. Susceptibility to wounds is reduced by the shoe and already advanced formation of wounds is supported in the healing process since the shoe allows foot dressings, splints, orthopaedic inserts and diabetes-adapted foot beddings to be worn.

3 December 2014 - Successful electrician/maintenance workshop at MÖWIUS

13 participants in total took part in our first electrician/maintenance workshop on 25 November. There were two topics on the program that morning: “Lockout/ Tagout” and “BGI 5188 electric arc, electrician protection”. Our speaker, Mr Noël from the company, Masterlock, global experts for locking solutions, presented the Lockout/Tagout system for locking and marking dangerous energy sources. René Dolata from the BSD training and service centre spoke about the risk assessment and the PPE range for working at or in proximity to electrical installations where there is always a risk of electric arcs. The participants were impressed by the practical presentations.

28 November 2014 - BGI/GUV-I 5188 becomes DGUV 203-077

This year the systematic of policy changed. Standardisation was necessary due to the merging of both the main associations of mutual indemnity associations and public insurance bodies. The BGI/GUV-I 5188 is now the DGUV 203-077: it offers support for choosing personal protection equipment for work in electrical installations. The information is applicable for work at or in proximity to electrical installation > 50 V AC. Those working at or in proximity to parts of electrical installations, which are under voltage, are essentially exposed to a danger from electric arcs and are obliged to wear arc protection PPE. We are happy to help you with determining the required protection classes with the aid of user-friendly software from BSD and with choosing PPE. Talk to us.

12 November 2014 - 3MTM SecureFitTM 400

A new generation of comfort. Using 3M™ frame pressure distribution technology, the 400 model naturally fits the most varied of head sizes and shapes – padded frame ends and soft, adjustable nose bands also ensure even greater wearing comfort. Convincing properties:
• 3M™ frame pressure distribution technology ensures natural fit for all head shapes and sizes
• Particularly light protective goggles weighing only 19 g
• Soft, easy to adjust nose piece ensures optimal fit and secure positioning
• Frame ends with double-sprayed padding reduce possible pressure points and thus increase wearing comfort
• Sporty and cool design with colour-accentuated frames supports wearing acceptance
• Polycarbonate lenses absorb 99.9% of UVA and UVB rays
• Available in 5 lens shades: clear, yellow, grey, blue-mirrored, indoor/outdoor

14 November 2014 - 49th BME Purchasing and Logistics Symposium

“Small parts, large lever” – efficient management of C-parts. We focus on procurement efficiency. The German Association, Materials Management, Purchasing and Logistics e.V. offers the unique opportunity to familiarise yourself with the current strategies and techniques of our industry at the annual Purchasing and Logistics Symposium in Berlin. We will also take this opportunity to get updated on current topics. From 12 to 14 November, we will be at the 49th Purchasing and Logistics Symposium. Visit us at Stand E03. We look forward to seeing you! The industry is facing many challenges. As the BME emphasises: Although the sentiment in the German industry at the beginning of the year was still largely optimistic, the slowing of growth in China, the fragility of the emerging countries and geopolitical tensions caused some setbacks. It is important to intelligently optimise costs. Procurement efficiency will become an increasingly important factor for companies in order to be competitive, as clear procurement logistics promise significant cost advantages. Our SHOP IN FACTORY® concept connects modern C-parts management with flexible procurement services and guarantees maximum cost reduction. “The purchaser or supply chain manager of today is, more than ever before, in demand as a competent interlocutor both internally and externally”, Mr Wolfgang Möwius explains the development. “This presents companies with demanding organisational, IT and, in particular, personnel challenges. To this end, we offer established solutions for our customer as an experienced service provider. “

21 August 2014 - In-ear microphone in plug

You only know one way to communicate when there is noise? Up to now you had to use a headset with ear protectors in order to protect yourself against noise and communicate at the same time. Ear protectors, however, cannot be used in combination with a respiratory mask or a compressed air breathing apparatus. We are pleased to be able to present to you the new product from 3M from the “Electronic hearing protection” (0610 EGS base system) product range: The Peltor™ OraTac is a dual-sided in-ear headset. When connected to a radio device, clear understandability with level-dependent function is possible (similar to situational awareness). In the most varied of application areas, the headset protects against damaging noise and dangerous impulse noises. The OraTac system consists of an in-ear headset with PTT adapter and a cable which can be quickly loosened. The cable can be connected to your individual radio device and can be changed when a new radio device is purchased. Omnidirectional reception • No capsules = light and airy • combinable with most respiratory protection masks, protective goggles, face masks and protective helmets • Quick setup/completion of the radio connection • Moisture resistant PPT • Automatic protection against impulse noise.

14 July 2014 – Heat at the workplace

Recent surveys have shown that in Germany during the summer months heat situations at the workplace occur on a daily basis in 88 companies with about 640,000 employees. The consequences: increasing number of accidents at work and more periods of stoppages. According to the UN climate report, there is a 100% likelihood that there will be more hot days by 2020, during which occupational safety situations will occur at temperatures from 26°C or even 37°C. Action must be taken by the employers in these situations since there are warm or hot workplaces in about 75% of all companies, whereby the burden on the employees in relation to health, risk of accident and performance ability rapidly decreases. “E.COOLINE cooling clothing notably improves the work situation of the employees in workplaces burdened by heat. The new E.COOLINE vest now makes cooling even easier. With 24 cooling pads, elastic mesh material for perfect fit and a stable zip closure for the most highly demanding requirements. For close fit, individual cooling of up to 12°C in seconds lasting hours.” Don’t delay in making your employees’ working conditions as pleasant as possible.

24 June 2014 - High visibility vest requirement on July 2014

"From 1 July 2014 there will also be a general high visibility vest requirement in Germany: Each vehicle must contain a high visibility vest irrespective of the number of passengers. The vest in red, yellow or orange must correspond to DIN EN 471 and EN ISO 20471:2013. The new regulation concerns all authorised passenger vehicles, trucks and buses in Germany; motorbikes and mobile homes remain excluded. The driver is obligated to produce the vest during an inspection and hand it in for testing. A warning fine will be imposed in the case of a breach." Source:

2 June 2014 - Now show your colours!

Support “Jogis guys”, the German football team, with the appropriate shoes and show your colours, even at work! The World Cup shoe from ELTEN is fully S3 compatible and is thus even suitable for the roughest usage. With the correct shoes, you are part of the winning team in any case: the Germany ESD S3 safety shoe is suitable for fans. So don’t delay and order our “Germany” shoe for the ‘Kick’ at work – prompt delivery for the beginning of the World Cup!

19 May 2014 - Dräger – Made in Germany

The Dräger-Röhrchen®-Methode [Dräger tube method] has been a preferred measuring system for more than 75 years in the fire service and in the most varied industries. Since February of this year, Dräger has been the sole provider who continues to produce tubes and pumps according to the highest quality standards in Germany. In order for you to see the quality of ‘made in Germany’ for yourself, we are offering you the Dräger one-handed gas detector pump, “Dräger accuro®” free of charge, in exchange for an old tube/pump produced by a third party.

25 March 2014 - New reduction to the general dust limit value according to the Technical Rules for Hazardous Substances (TRGS 900)

Note - from 2014, the new reduction to the general dust limit value according to the Technical Rules for Hazardous Substances (TRGS 900) shall apply! The new general dust limit value: 1.25 mg/m3 (alveolar dust). The background: The Technical Rules for Hazardous Substances (TRGS 900) provides that exposure at the workplace to dust must be assessed for possible dangers. The general dust limit value is described in this rule. The limit value will be issued by the Committee on Hazardous Substances (AGS) taking into consideration occupational health and toxicological aspects. Over the course of last year, the general dust limit value was already reduced from 6 mg/m3 (valid up to 2001) to 3 mg/m3. In November 2013, the AGS again revised the TRGS 900 – resulting in a new version which will be published in 2014. The new limit value of 1.25 mg/m3 (alveolar dust) shall thus apply. This general dust limit value is found in further technical rules for hazardous substances which refer to the TRGS 900 in this regard (e.g. TRGS 528 for welding fumes).

24 February 2014 - Amended standard for motor vehicle first aid kits

The first aid kit, which drivers must have in their vehicle according to the Regulation on Admission for Road Traffic [Straßenverkehrszulassungsordnung, StVZO], is an indispensible support tool for all first aid provided at the accident site. Since 1/1/2014, this kit now contains more content owing to the amended standard DIN 13164 and has been adapted in accordance with the latest understanding of emergency medicine. The transitional period from the old to the new first aid kit content ends on 31/12/2014. Don’t miss the deadline for making the change on time.

28 January 2014 - New cooperation with DIADORA / Geox

We are looking forward to our cooperation with the company DIADORA Sport S.r.l. from February 2014 and being able to expand our range for our customers in the area of safety shoes. We would like to highlight, in particular, the Speedy models from the DIADORA Sprint series and gloves from the DIADORA Active series. You can find a large selection of safety shoes from our comprehensive range, which is always in stock, in our current Protective shoes in stock. We would be happy to send you a copy by post.

24 January 2014 - 2014 Training establishment

This year we have once again been certified as a training establishment. You can easily download the current certificate online. We also look forward to receiving your Application.

11 December 2013 - Happy Christmas

Dear Customers, Business Partners and Suppliers,2013 is nearing a close and Christmas will soon be upon us. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for a successful 2013 and for our very pleasant cooperation with you. We wish you and your families a happy Christmas, peaceful holidays and all the best for the New Year.Your MÖWIUS Team

13 November 2013 - Thank you

On 8 November 2013, the A+A trade fair came to a close in Düsseldorf. The around 1,600 exhibitors from 55 countries must be pleased about the 63,000 professional visitors. This trade fair had product innovations, informative presentations as well as great events. However, what we enjoyed most was the chance to have an interesting discussion with you. We would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for your visit to our trade fair stand and your interest in our company. We hope that the 2015 A+A trade fair will build on the success of this year. You’ll find the press release on the A+A trade fair here. You’ll find images from the trade fair here.

16 October 2013 - Visit us from 5-8 November 2013 at the A+A trade fair in Düsseldorf

From 5-8 November 2013, the A+A trade fair takes place once again in Düsseldorf. All under the motto “more safety for your company and your employees” – this is also certainly of interest to you. As part of the Kompass Group, we are committed to this claim. Our company and all the partners of the KOMPASS Group offer you tailor-made concept solutions relating to the topic of safety. Our goal is to provide your company with uncompromising, sustainable safety in accordance with the law in the most efficient manner possible. Individual occupational safety in all areas. Personal protective equipment from head to toe, which is truly personal. We do not only see ourselves as product suppliers, but rather as your personal partners for safety concepts and solutions. We will advise you with certainty. Intrigued? Then just visit us at our trade fair stand in Hall 9 (Stand D22). If you require a trade fair voucher, then please get in touch with us. We will be briefly presenting various highlight and bespoke products with the corresponding services. The quality of the advice and customer service is our top priorities. We look forward to talking to you in person. Here you’ll find the International Trade Conference programme flyer on the topic of the “Distribution of PPE Today and Tomorrow”. Mr Möwius will lead the international forum discussion on the topic of “Quo vadis PPE distribution” on the 6 November 2013 from 16:25 – 17:30. We look forward to your participation!

20 June 2013 - HSP safety management, solutions under one roof

Workshop and training for end customers. We view it as our duty to optimally support our customers in the area of occupational safety and especially chemical protection. This is why we began the safety management day, in order to show you how, with us, you may benefit in the area of safety management in your company. In addition to quality products and strong brands, more importantly, we offer you our DIN ISO 9001-certified PPE protection concept which has drawn great interest in the industry in recent years. Previously, we only offered our protection concept for protective gloves. Today, we combine protective gloves and protective clothing into one comprehensive PPE protection concept and offer you, not only the products, but also the same service, predominantly in the area of laboratory services and chemical evaluations under one roof. We would like to invite you to participate, free of charge, in our safety management day 2013 and benefit from our knowledge. Get information on our services in the area of chemical protection for hands and body and our conceptual work and in doing so earn two VDSI points! Further, we would like to keep you informed of changes in EU standardisation and in particular to discuss the topics of anti-static and respiratory protection, important to the area of chemicals, in connection with protective clothing. Enclosed you will find the Review of the joint event published by Honeywell in the current newsletter.

20 February 2013 - 3M™ Peltor™ X: New benchmarks for design and protection

3M™ stands for simple and innovative solutions in the area of occupational safety. With the new Peltor™ X-Series, 3M™ looks to help effectively reduce the number of incidents of damage to hearing caused by noise in workplaces. For this purpose, established products were taken from the Optime™-Series in order to, at the same time in combination, set new benchmarks in terms of comfort, protection and design. The new series comprises five capsule ear protectors, each available as head band or helmet capsule, the damping level of which, depending on the capsule, reaches from SNR 27dB to SNR 38dB. The capsules are thus suitable for the most varied areas of usage in the industry. You can thus also learn more about the world of the new 3M™ Peltor™ X-Series!

14 January 2013 - MÖWIUS GmbH: Top Dräger Partner 2013

We are also there for you in 2013, as usual, as your experienced specialist dealer and top partner of Dräger Safety with its rich tradition. For all questions relating to the topics of stationary and portable gas measuring technology, light and heavy respiratory protection, on-site pollutant analysis as well as alcohol testing equipment and many other areas, we are happy to provide advice and clarification in order to assist you with finding the Dräger product suitable for your needs.

14 November 2012 - Occupational safety with KOMPASS: Complete protection!

KOMPASS stands for guidance in the area of occupational safety and support provided by specialists. We do not cut corners when it comes to employee health and productivity. In the new occupational safety brochure, you can find information on various areas of PPE, DIN standards and guidelines. The KOMPASS Group is there for experienced advice and an excellent price/service ratio in order to be able to supply you with our wide range of personal occupational safety products. You can find a basic range from head to toe in the specialist occupational safety catalogue – our special solutions and specialist advice.

18 October 2012 - Autumn and winter clothing 2012: equipped for the cold season

Autumn is in full swing and winter is also right at the door! In order to also be able to optimally protect you in the cold season against moisture and the cold, we offer you everything from winter blousons and parkas, thermal underwear, caps and hoods to winter boots, so that you are well protected. When you are fitted with the correct protective equipment, rain, snow and the cold are not a problem, whatever the areas of usage.

18 September 2012 - The new MÖWIUS occupational safety catalogue is here!

The new MÖWIUS 2012/2013 occupational safety catalogue is here and is available now. In order to provide a better experience, we have reworked our specialist catalogue for you this year and expanded our individual brand range. Our highlights in this catalogue are the new L10 collection from ELTEN, which is particularly directed at our sporty customers since this line is inspired by the chucks which are in fashion at the moment. Moreover, we have real innovations on offer in the area of robust shoes with the Otter made by Oliver range and the Miller by Honeywell fall protection. As you can expect from us, you can also of course find the normal brands in occupational safety in our catalogue such as Dräger, 3M, OTTER SCHUTZ, ELTEN, rofa, PLANAM, KÜBLER, BP und Miller by Honeywell. Our new Quick Find system also facilitates your search for the product to suit your needs.

10 August 2012 - Precise hand protection: MÖWIUS Flex-Protector

With the MÖWIUS Flex-Protector, we can offer you our top quality stretch knitted gloves. With its black special coating of nitrile polyurethane foam on the palm and the fingertips, the glove is ideally suitable not only for picking but also for other activities, for which wearing comfort, perfect dexterity and excellent grip are important. The MÖWIUS Flex-Protector is certified according to EN 420 as well as EN 388 and is available in the sizes 6 to 11.

19 June 2012 - Otter Schutz: Cordura S2 – Individual pressure on your shoe

As early as the 2011 A+A, the company Otter Schutz from Mühlheim presented their new Cordura model in S2 design. By avoiding seams in the upper construction, it is possible to individually configure the design of the shoe and to have an order quantity starting at a good 250 pairs in total imprinted. Colour combinations and even company logos are thus no longer a problem. In addition, the shoe wins over with its anti-slip nitrile outer sole as well as its modularly built in-sole system. Sizes 39 to 48 can be manufactured and imprinted.

30 March 2012 - 3M contour markings: For fixed and tarpaulin bodies

Via the company 3M, we can also now offer you contour markings for various vehicle bodies such as tarpaulin and containers in five different colours and shades. They are characterised by their unusually good night visibility even at long distances as well as the bright and clear colours by day and night. The fluorescent yellow is visible 24 hours a day and the sealed edges protect against dirt and moisture. In addition, the self-adhering undercoat greatly facilitates the installation; corroding due to the lack of aluminium coating is also not possible.

16 March 2012 - VOSS ProStyle: The bespoke foil helmet

Together with the company VOSS Helme, we can now offer you the “ProStyle” foil helmet which complies with the EN 397 standard and is available in five template designs. The unique finishing process gives the respective helmet its design. An extended individualisation of your design is planned for the near future. The complex, multi-layered coating also makes the helmet weather and UV resistant and provides it with a particular scratch resistance. Placement of your company’s logo can also of course be taken in consideration with these helmets.

14 February 2012 - Metal-free safety shoe: Mover Speed S3

Whether for work in areas of usage such as for example airports or simply as a light alternative to traditional S3 shoes with steel caps and steal mid soles, our “Mover” brand offers you a completely metal-free low shoe and boot. With the material cap and the metal-free mid sole, the EN ISO 20345-certified Mover Speed are the ideal, flexible and sporty companion for all areas of work in which metal-free safety shoes have to be or can be used. In addition, the models have a strong anti-slip and extremely durable TPU-PU sole. Our Mover Speed shoes are thus also suitable for robust uses. Through their modern make up and the reduced weight, Mover Speed I and II are already enjoying greater popularity.

26 January 2012 - SP Energy: The Kompass premium brand

The “SP Energy” Kompass clothing range offers you a variety of benefits. From the highest protective effects and comfort to durability, SP Energy offers you a high economic sustainability owing to the environmentally friendly production and disposal methods as well as the very high proportion of natural fibres (80%). The clothing is, as required and on request, certified according to: EN 11612, EN 11611, EN 531, ISO 15025, EN 1149-5, EN 13034 as well as EN 343 and EN 471. We will be pleased to inform you of the different variants, depending on use.

2 January 2012 - The MÖWIUS occupational safety catalogue

We wish all our business partners a happy new year for 2012 and look forward to a continued pleasant cooperation. We have extended the term of the MÖWIUS 2010/2011 occupational safety catalogue to 2012, however, please enquire as to the current price of the article you have selected as we cannot keep all of the prices unchanged owing to a number of price increases on the part of the manufacturers which in turn is associated with the somewhat high rise in the prices of primary materials. The prices listed in the catalogue should therefore be viewed as guides. We would like to ask for your understanding on this matter.

19 December 2011 - 2011 Inventory

We are almost at the end of the year and are happily taking a look back at the 2011 business year which is drawing to a close. On 27 and 28 December 2011, we will be carrying out our annual inventory; during these days, shipping can, unfortunately, only take place in the case of serious emergencies. We would like to take this opportunity to ask for your understanding and thank you for your constructive cooperation in 2011. For further information or for enquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 040 / 54 88 02 – 0. In anticipation of the new year, we wish our customers and suppliers, along with their families, all the best for the holiday season and for 2012.

30 November 2011 - ELTEN trade fair premiere

ELTEN: Trendy in 2012. Casual and in fashion, the company ELTEN heads into 2012 with their new L10 shoe collection. With seven new models in the Chuck style, ESD equipment as well as S2 and S3 certification, ELTEN is setting new benchmarks in the area of fashionable occupational footwear. All models are manufactured from high quality materials, have a TPU/PU sole as well as a bioactive textile lining and are available in the sizes 37 to 46 from the first quarter of 2012. Pre-ordering is also possible at any time.

16 November 2011 - Otter trade fair premiere

Otter: Protection made ultra light. Through a “weight revolution”, the company Otter Schutz has once more drawn attention to itself with its new, metal-free, unisex safety shoes for men and women. The EN ISO 20345 S3 SRC-certified low shoe 60239-140 is characterised by its low weight of just 470 g per shoe, its breathable textile lining as well as its completely washable Lorisafe material. The shoe, in addition to its anti-slip, and oil and petrol resistant mono PU outer sole, has a full surface in-sole shaped for a perfect fit and is available in the sizes 35 to 47.

1 November 2011 - “Gloves made from bamboo fibres” trade fair premiere

Nitras goes green! Under this motto, we can now offer you the Panda Grip knitted glove in the sizes 8 to 11. It is tested according to EN 388 CAT2, has an antibacterial effect and is manufactured from bamboo fibre. The palm and finger tips are coated with a black latex foam for extremely good grip. In addition, the glove is characterised by a high, particularly soft wearing comfort as well as its breathability and cooling properties.

28 October 2011 - A+A 2011: A complete success

The leading international trade fair for occupational safety A+A came to a close in Düsseldorf with a record number of visitors. The approx. 1,600 exhibitors from 54 countries must be pleased about the around 60,000 trade visitors. In addition to many productive and informative discussions, a number of novelties and production innovations were presented which should provide the area of occupational safety with fresh impetus. Our Kompass snow boots offer proved very popular. This is also now available in greater quantities. We would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank all visitors and customers for their pleasant discussions and keen interest and we hope that the next A+A in two years’ time will also be a complete success.

29 September 2011 - The countdown has begun, just three weeks to go

The largest international trade fair for occupational safety A+A opens its doors once again. This year the manufacturers will certainly be presenting interesting novelties. At the joint stand D22 with our partners from the Kompass Group in Halle 9, we will be presenting, for the very first time, our Safety Check: Safety Check supports you with assessing the risk at your workplaces from the evaluation to selecting the correct product for usage.

31 August 2011 - Noise: The unheard danger

Noise belongs to the most frequent dangers at the workplace. Short-term hearing damage as well as the danger of long-term damage play an important part here since in Germany alone, around 5 million employees are exposed to noise that can damage hearing. The risk of accident is increased by not hearing signals, human error due to fatigue caused by noise or as a startle response to an unexpected noise. In this regard, suitable hearing protection helps to minimise any risk of danger.

10 August 2011 - Production losses cost billions

Musculoskeletal disorders, diseases of the respiratory system and other injuries continually led to downtimes particularly in the construction industry. By using appropriate protective equipment, such as safety clothing and the correct assistive equipment such as for example breathing masks, the downtimes can, however, be avoided or at least minimised.

29 June 2011 - Light skin cancer soon to be recognised as an occupational disease

Information from the Hause Physioderm in Greven: the expected recognition of light skin cancer as an occupational disease, which is currently before the medical council of experts, will fundamentally change the responsibility for protection against UV. While sun protection in many businesses was seen as a private matter for employees up to now, by including “light skin cancer” in the catalogue of skin diseases caused by occupation, the prophylaxis will also change. The implementation of adequate protective measures such as clothing, headgear and sun protection means will, in the future, no longer be left to the individual employee, but rather will be a part of the PPE. Occupational health professionals, qualified employees and also supervisory authorities of accident insurers will have to accept this matter. You can read more on this under sunlight as an occupational risk.

12 April 2011 - Welding protection: Complete protection against UV radiation

There are a variety of risks with all welding processes. In addition to flying sparks, gases and glaring light, high UV radiation also poses a risk to the welder and his surroundings. Complete and intact protective equipment can help; low flammability clothing, sight protection as well as the correct safety shoes and gloves are among such equipment.

31 March 2011 - Dräger: gas measuring technology and respiratory protection

Dräger has for over 120 years been a leading company in the areas of respiratory protection, and gas and alcohol measuring technology. Whether as portable personnel protective equipment or as stationary area monitoring, Dräger devices are characterised by simple handling and they’re reliable warning functions. In our online catalogue, you will find a selection of devices for the most varied areas of usage. As a Dräger specialist dealer, we are pleased offer you all products from the entire range on request.

18 March 2011 - Fit for EN 11612

The new European standard for protective clothing against heat and flame – EN 11612 has been in force since 1 June 2009. According to the previous EN 531, seams were neither checked, nor did printers, fitting components or openings on the clothes have to be covered. This frequently led to burns. EN ISO 11612 therefore offers you greater safety. We can now offer you completely newly certified heat protection in cooperation with the manufacturer, Jutec. This heat protection provides the greatest wearing comfort due to its low weight and even more safety in the case of open flames – tested by the DGUV (German Social Accident Insurance).

4 March 2011 - Cooperation with KüCo

We are pleased to now be able to offer you the complete service for testing your PPE for protection against falls in cooperation with our new partner KüCo. The company, KüCo is able to test your technology on-site or in an individual workshop using a unique mobile service unit and immediately issue the required certificate. Your PPE carriers are immediately ready for use once again. In addition, under this cooperation we are offering you testing and service of all lifting devices and conveyance equipment.

8 February 2011 - Greater clarity on footwear conforming to standards

According to the opinions of experts, around one in ten employees suffer from foot problems in Germany and thus require suitable orthopedically adapted shoe in-soles. As usual, it is unclear how these wearers can be safely equipped. The VTH [German Association for Technical Trade] top partners have put together an overview for you to clarify this. Please click here.

20 January 2011 - Print wear: Printing, Patching, Embroidering

In our Möwius Online Shop, you’ll now find a large selection of sweatshirts, T-shirts, fleece jackets and much more to go with your occupational safety clothing. You can also have your textiles directly embroidered or printed with your logo. Patching your jacket, sweatshirt and other items is possible using the ironing pressure method: quick, easy and uncomplicated!

16 August 2010 - Eye protection not only on holiday

Particularly during holiday time, sunglasses are an obvious accessory for protecting the eyes from the sun’s rays. However, have you thought about protecting yourself against artificial, optical radiation? In work areas where welding takes place for example, you cannot imagine not using welder protection helmets or shields. You can find out what else you should be aware of on the homepage of the Institute for Occupational Safety.

17 June 2010 - New regulation for first aid kits

The standards for first aid kits have been revised and adapted to current requirements. In order to comply with the standard, the existing first aid kits have to be changed. In this context, they should be checked as to whether the dressing material can still be used or whether the MHD has expired. It may very well make sense to then replace the entire first aid kit.

26 March 2010 - Day against noise: 28 April 2010

Supported by the Federal Ministry for the Environment and the Federal Environmental Agency, the German Acoustical Society [Deutschen Gesellschaft für Akustik e.V.] initiates the action: Day against noise. Tell your relatives, friends and acquaintances about your experiences with noise. Get informed regarding the dangers and risks of noise on health and wellbeing. Encourage others to use hearing protection for their ears where necessary or even where it is prescribed. Be aware of the right of others to silence and help them protect their right to silence. Check the amount of noise you yourself make. Get involved in “A day against noise” – International Noise Awareness Day” by observing the 15 seconds of silence on this day at 14:15 and also convince as many of your acquaintances as possible to take part.

4 March 2010 - Small and protected

Not everyone is sensitive to noise in the same way. Children are, however, particularly at risk. Sometime we expose small children to damaging noise and we are not aware of the danger. We take them in a motor boat, let them go with their father to the shooting range, they are allowed to drive the tractor with their grandfather and listen to rock music with their sister… According to an examination carried out by the Sahlgrenska Sjukhuset University Hospital in Gothenburg, every second child between 9 and 16 already had tinnitus on one occasion, i.e. noise or a ringing tone in the ear. Noise damage can lead to sleeping disorders and stress.

11 February 2010 - Farewell to snow & ice

It works better than salt and is the granular de-icer used at airports. You can stay protected against re-freezing for up to three days with the Schnee- und Eisweg 2-1 Supergranulat [2-1 super granulate product to remove snow and ice] and it is 10 times more effective than traditional gritting salt.

26 January 2010 - Well equipped throughout winter

This year all of Germany experienced a winter like never before. In northern Germany in particular, the temperature fell continuously and has today reached its lowest level up to now for this winter, minus 13 degrees Celsius. The correct clothing protects against the bitter cold, for example, the Kalmar jacket from Helly Hansen at the price of €39.00 (net).

11 January 2010 - Complete protection – also in 2010

We wish all of our business partners and friends all the best for the beginning of the New Year, with much success and continued good health. The mascot for the Kompass Group – expertise in occupational safety – sums up the most important message in occupational safety – complete protection! We are pleased to support you in this regard this year and are happy to be on hand to provide you with advice at any time.

14 December 2009 - New helmet with integrated eye protection

A protective helmet in accordance with DIN EN 397 made of polyethylene has been put on the market, which has an integrated visor in accordance with DIN EN 166 made of polycarbonate. This model is suitable for those who wear spectacles and is designed in an excellent ergonomic manner such that wearing hearing protection was also taken into account during its development. The fact that the helmet shield and the covering can be put together in two parts is also a novelty. Individual colour composition as desired is thus also possible. You can find out more about this product on the manufacturer’s site: Voss Helme

1 December 2009 - Specialist group in occupational safety

The cooperation of “strong” specialist dealers from our field in the specialist group, KOMPASS, which was founded in October 2008, is a new, forward-looking step. You can find further information on the work of Kompass as well as the most important regulations on practice not only in our new catalogue, but also at KOMPASS Occupational Safety.

24 November 2009 - New MÖWIUS 2010/2011 catalogue

In addition to the known topics, you will also find specialist areas in our new catalogue, such as corrective safety goggles, adapted hearing protection or orthopaedic safety shoes according to BGR 191. We have made the entire catalogue available to you in our Online Shop. If you prefer a printed catalogue, please request one from us.

9 November 2009 - 2009 A+A Trade fair / After thoughts

We would like to thanks all of the visitors to our trade fair stand.

22 October 2009 - 2009 A+A Trade fair / Together Protecting Tomorrow

In a few days it will be upon us: Together with our partners from the specialist group, KOMPASS, which was founded about one year ago, we will be putting focus on our expertise in matters of occupational safety and C-parts management in an approx. 200 m2 area. We would be pleased to be able to welcome you there and also provide you with a newly printed catalogue on request. In the 2010/2011 edition, you will find more products than ever, sorted according to their areas of application. The topic of swine flu is still prevalent. We would be pleased to provide you with detailed advice, together with our partners, DUPONT.

7 October 2009 - Special offer on ear plugs

Order the proven Bilsom 303 and we will also deliver a Bilsomat 400 dispenser for the earplugs to you free of charge. This offer is valid until the end of 2009 and of course while stocks last.

16 September 2009 - Our new online shop goes live

We have improved our successful Online Shop and are looking forward to the launch. Thanks to the improved search function and the presentation of product images, navigation is easier.

24 August 2009 - Hearing protection – Only protects with correct use

The Institute for Occupational Safety (BGIA), after a number of studies on the topic of hearing protection, has found that using hearing protection products is absolutely necessary. Only when, for example the earplugs are correctly used, can they offer the required protection. You can read more about this on the Work and Health site.

6 August 2009 - Prevent & disinfect!

Frequently washing your hands should prevent the spread of so-called swine flu. Disinfecting your hands is quicker and easier with the correct disinfectant. We are now offering an effective means, which acts with excellent microbicide and virucide effect against noroviruses owing to its ethanol content and provides skin protection as well as skin care with its proven oil replenishment system.

3 August 2009 - Action against slips and sprains

There are always too many accidents in businesses caused by wearing unsuitable work shoes. The accident insurers have thus started a campaign on this issue in order to prevent such accidents.

21 July 2009 - Running – the favourite company sport

Happy and efficient employees are the deciding success factor of a company. It has been long since known that sport can improve not only physical and mental fitness, but also employee motivation. In order to get their staff moving, many firm offers a sports program, in which running groups are always the favourites. Suitable and functional running clothes play an important role here. And in the meantime the employees can see and show how fit their company is – with an individually printed T-shirt with their company logo.

6 July 2009 - Novelty: S3 ESD safety shoe

In addition to some S1 and S3 models, the S3 ESD models are now also certified and available from the warehouse. This additional development is made possible due to the use of the latest materials. The EN 61340-5-1:2007 requirements have been met and it is recommended to where such models for use in areas where electrostatic charge needs to be taken into account.

15 June 2009 - 2009 A+A trade fair

One of the most important trade fairs on the topic of occupational safety will take place again in Düsseldorf this year. We will be exhibiting - expertise in the area of occupational safety - together for the first time with our newly founded KOMPASS group from 3-6 November. You will find us in Hall 9, Stand D14. You can access the trade fair homepage directly at If you need trade fair vouchers, please get in touch with us. We would be pleased to see you there.

14 November 2008 - Support for children with asthma

MÖWIUS GmbH supports the Sandra Völker Stiftung für asthma- und allergiekranke Kinder [Sandra Völker Foundation for children with asthma and allergies]. On 8 November, Sandra Völker said farewell to active performance sports at a charity gala and collected money for her foundation. You can find further information by clicking on the link:

6 November 2008 - Orthopaedic safety shoes

Together with Otter Schutz GmbH, we are offering you a special service: orthopedically adapted safety shoes and bespoke production. Together with THANNER GmbH, in addition to orthopaedic inserts and sole finishings, Otter also makes possible the bespoke production of Otter safety shoes in conformity with the EC type examination certificate. Customers can choose from 4 models and 8 designs.

20 October 2008 - Arbeitsschutz aktuell 2008 (Occupational safety conference) – Thank you!

We would like to sincerely thank all of the visitors to our trade fair stand at the arbeitsschutz aktuell 2008. We appreciate the great response the trade fair drew from you and are already looking forward to many other interesting discussions at the next A+A in 2009 in Düsseldorf. You can receive useful information on 2009 A+A in advance by clicking on the link

14 August 2008 - Arbeitsschutz aktuell 2008 trade fair

This year the Arbeitsschutz aktuell trade fair, the A+A trade fair’s smaller sister, takes place in Hamburg. We would be pleased to see you there. You’ll find us in Hall A1, Stand 307. You can access the homepage of the trade fair directly at If you need trade fair vouchers, please get in contact with us.

12 February 2008 - Statutory noise limit for musicians too

The transitional period for noise limits at the workplace for professional musician ends on 15 February. As in our industry employers of musicians will now also be obligated to protect their employees against noise and provide appropriate protection measures beginning from a limit of 80 dB. The Thuringian Ministry for Health, Family and Social Affairs advises in its brochure the use of hearing protection in combination with a new design for workplaces of musicians. Structural acoustics measures such as plastic screens should help to protect the musicians in the orchestra pit against noise pollution from their colleagues’ instruments. The BGIA is offering a software programme for the introduction of the statutory amendment which serves as an aid for decision-making on adequate hearing protection measures. The programme can be downloaded from

17 January 2008 - Occupational accidents and occupational diseases in 2007

Following 2006, the number of occupational accidents in 2007 has also increased further, according to a report from the press office of the German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV) in Berlin. According to previous estimates, the increase in the first half of 2007 was around 3% compared to the same period last year. Nevertheless, the number of serious occupational accidents and fatal accidents could be reduced by 8% and 1% respectfully. The number of occupational diseases reached a tragic high with an increase of over 4% compared to the same period last year. In this respect, the number may be reduced with the use of adequate occupation safety equipment.

16 January 2008 - Contain skin diseases using adequate occupational clothing

The “Skin” prevention campaign by the statutory health and accident insurance institutions promotes a more sensitive handling of the skin under the motto “Your skin. The most important 2m2 of your life”. Skin is exposed to particular influences, especially when working with acids, lyes, lubricants, greases and cleaning agents. Continuous exposure of the skin can lead, in addition to allergies, to serious skin deformities and even to the inability to work. According to a joint study by the DGUV and the BLB, skin diseases in 2006 represented the greatest portion of occupational diseases with over 39%. The correct occupational clothing helps to protect employees against hazardous substances and maintain the workforce.

25 September 2007 - 2007 A+A– Thank you

We would like to thank all of the visitors to our trade fair stand at the 2007 A+A. We had interesting discussions and look forward to continued pleasant cooperation.

14 August 2007 - 2007 A+A trade fair

One of the most important trade fairs on the topic of occupational safety takes place again this year in Düsseldorf. We would be pleased to see you there. We can find us in Hall 1, Stand B13. You can access the trade fair homepage directly at If you need trade fair vouchers, please get in touch with us.

6 August 2007 - New MÖWIUS 2007/2008 catalogue

Our brand new 2007/2008 occupational safety catalogue is available from the beginning of September. You’ll find all items of personal safety equipment here – from head to toe. We will make the complete new catalogue available to you as usual in our Online Shop. Until then, you can of course continue to order online from the current catalogue.

16 July 2007 - INAP MASTER electrical protection helmet

The existing INAP MASTER with ventilation holes, which is known in the market, will continue as the industrial protection helmet, however it will lose the 1,000 volts check. New to the range is the same model without ventilation holes which will be tested and named as the electrical protection helmet. Product Description.

24 March 2007 - Skin protection

The VTH specialist group “Personal safety equipment” is the main sponsor of the “Practical skin protection” VDSI conference on 26 March 2007 in the DASA in Dortmund, which takes place in cooperation with the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA).

16 February 2007 - First aid for the Jugend Forscht [youth researchers’ competition]

Around six years ago, three students at the Waldkraiburg secondary school formed the DWL innovation team and took part in the “Jugend Forscht" competition. Since then, various inventions have been put into practice and the team was able to win, amongst other things, the state finals of the "Jugend Forscht" competition. One of the developments, the “alert steering wheel”, a system to prevent momentarily falling to sleep, is currently being further developed in the industry for series production. In order to equip the team’s newly opened “inventor’s workshop”, we have donated first-aid equipment and wish the team lots continued and safe success.

5 February 2007 - 2008 Occupational safety trade fair in Hamburg

The prevention forum relevant to Germany and Europe is designed as a travelling exhibition and takes place every two years at a different location. Now the specialist event, for the first time since 1978, comes back to the Elbe metropolitan area in northern Germany from 8 to 10 October 2008. We look forward to your visit!

25 January 2007 - MÖWIUS GmbH is moving – 2007 move

Our intensive search for new premises has been successful; we have found a suitable property on Lederstrasse. With the new space we will expand both office as well as storage areas to a total of around 1,000 m2 from 1 April 2007. The suitable premises will thereby also support the development of the company. The storage capacity will more than double. We will thus continue to provide you with high availability and quick delivery of an ever-growing range of products. New address: Lederstrasse 21, 22525 Hamburg.