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22 May 2017 - MÖWIUS GmbH is permitted to bear the test seal “Certified specialist company for PPE according to the VTH standard”

MÖWIUS GmbH was one of the first companies to receive the new test seal “Certified specialist company for PPE according to the VTH standard” of the VTH Association of Technical Trade e.V. on 16 May 2017. It is based on ten objective criteria which a VTH-certified specialist dealer for personal protective equipment (PPE) must fulfil.

Wolfgang Möwius, the managing director of MÖWIUS GmbH is pleased about the honour within the context of the VTH forum on the new European PPE Directive in Dusseldorf: “The fact that our company satisfies all the certification requirements shows that we not only have a high standard of quality for ourselves, but that we also stand out from other PPE providers. The seal also encourages us to continue to develop our high quality standard in the future in the interest of providing the best possible occupational protection in the operations of our customers.”

The VTH test seal is part of a quality offensive by means of which the occupational safety specialists, who are organised in the VTH specialist group “Personal protective equipment”, are enhancing their service profile. The test seal gives the members of the specialist group an important tool that allows them to show their core competences and unique selling points as a qualified occupational safety specialist more clearly than before in the area of PPE operators. The customer immediately recognises from the seal that they can receive the best-quality personal protective equipment for their employees and highly-qualified advice from MÖWIUS GmbH.

The very successful registration of “Certified specialist companies for hose and fitting technology” that has already been carried out for many years by the VTH specialist group “Hose and fitting technology” is used as a model for the new test seal. Regarding the background for introducing a comparable test seal for the PPE area, VTH managing director, Thomas Vierhaus explains: “The new VTH seal clearly and directly informs the customers. It immediately builds legitimate trust in products and services. The customer knows at a glance that they are in the right place here. A level of certainty which they do not have with other distribution channels for personal protective equipment, for example with many online providers.”

For the managing director, Wolfgang Möwius the certification is not only a distinction from web shops and discount merchants providing safety-related products, as if they were ordinary goods. A social responsibility should also be associated with the award of the VTH test seal: “Occupational safety is a very important issue for our company and all distributors of the VTH specialist group of PPE. By offering our customers the best possible protective equipment and services, for example analysing the workspaces and verifying the PPE items used with our Safety Check as well as by servicing the PPE to be tested, we contribute to the health and wellbeing of many individuals. Knowing this makes our efforts even more worthwhile.”

The VTH will announce the introduction of the new test seal in the coming months, in particular around the 2017 A+A trade fair on 17 to 20 October in Dusseldorf in all relevant specialist and employer circles and they will inform the customers of the technical trade in detail regarding the benefits associated therewith.

At present, 30 occupational safety specialist dealers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland belong to the VTH specialist group “Personal Protective Equipment” (PPE) founded in 1998. The range from the members of the specialist group includes PPE from head to toe and thus completely covers the variety of needs in industry, commerce, manual trade and public institutions. The occupational safety experts brought together in the PPE specialist group also provide their customers with tailored services which include for example comprehensive PPE concepts, practical employee training or the development of special solutions for customer-specific applications.

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