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Intelligent C-Parts supply from one single source

Business Background

A very typical instrument in material management is the ABC Analysis. Here, three material groups are formed. The assignment of the articles into the respective category A, B or C takes place on the basis of value-quantity relations, whereby C goods represent low-value materials with a high procurement quantity.

C-parts are usually low-priced and strategically less significant. As a result, there is often considerable potential for savings here, since the organizational procurement effort is disproportionately high in relation to the price, which, however, receives too little attention strategically.

Thus, the opportunities only become clear when one looks at all costs associated with the procurement of goods. These procurement process costs, which include all the work steps from need assessment and purchase requisition, to order and intralogistics, to goods receipt and document processing, have a far greater impact on the total cost of C-parts procurement than material costs.

C-Parts in practice

In operational practice, C-parts are defined differently and usually also company-related. However, C-parts are typically characterized by the following characteristics:

  • low material unit price
  • high variety of articles
  • small order sizes
  • many suppliers and manufacturers
  • high process cost in procurement


Following the business insights and practical experience, we developed the SHOP IN FACTORY® concept in 2000 in cooperation with the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg and a management consultancy.
The concept achieves maximum cost reduction through the combination of advanced c-parts management and flexible procurement services. The essential feature is a decisive focus on the consideration and reduction of resulting process costs.

Since then we have continuously developed and improved our c-parts management. We always focus on the individual requirements and general condition of our clients.
Today the Shop in Factory® – Concept consists of the following areas:


Product Group Management
The right products in the portfolio

By regularly reviewing the items you use, we ensure that the product range is continually designed to meet your needs. Through the use of innovative products and substitution proposals, we achieve continuous assortment standardization to reduce the total cost of procurement.


System Integration
For fast and secure electronic processes

We realize a seamless integration into existing EDP systems by mapping common and individual electronic interfaces. In addition to the provision of individual electronic catalogs, the use of our eProcurement system is an important solution component for the efficiency-increasing reduction of the communication effort and error potential during the order.


Warehouse management
Security of supply through individual goods availability

Due to the inhomogeneity of C-parts, a uniform level of availability is not in the sense of efficient procurement. In order to meet the manifold requirements, the dynamic stocking, the stocking according to the reorder point as well as the customer-specific stocking belong to our range of services. For maximum product availability, we operate consignment warehouses directly at the place of consumption.


Picking & Output
The right way to the consumer

The circumstances with regard to walking distances, consulting intensity of the products and short-term required articles are different. Therefore, the product-specific, cost-optimized design of the correct output methods such as automatic dispensers, filling services, customized labeling and packaging specifications as well as the issue and advice directly in the customer warehouse is an optimization measure that requires product and process expertise and belongs to a powerful C-parts management system.


Logistics Services
Seamlessly linked to your processes

Internal logistics processes are often tightly timed and difficult to customize due to internal interfaces. In order to ensure a smooth material flow of the C-parts against this background, we offer guaranteed delivery times, same-day deliveries, bundling of shipping units, interval deliveries and the implementation of additional special logistics requirements.


Reporting & cost control
From start to finish, everything in view

Due to the company-specific circumstances, reporting, key figures and allocation of cost elements are very different. In order to be able to generate process fluctuations in this area too, we offer budget management including release processes, allocation of cost centers, issuing of collective invoices, reporting according to defined intervals and individual payment terms.


Personalized Products
Always individual and accurate

Products, that are part of the C-parts and are personalized pose a particular challenge in terms of lean processes. That’s because, down to lot size, individual information needs to be linked together. We therefore offer appropriate solutions for individualized clothing, prescription safety goggles, VDU workstation goggles, foot measurement, and orthopedic foot protection and customized hearing protection.

The SHOP IN FACTORY® concept with its different modules represents a powerful, modern C-parts management solution. The most important advantages are:

  • Holistic C-parts supply from a single source
  • Use of state-of-the-art procurement and logistics solutions
  • Maximum security of supply
  • Initial one-to-one takeover of all materials
  • Continuous assortment standardization and substitution proposals
  • Maximum cost efficiency through focus on process costs
  • Reduction of capital tie-up with the help of dynamic stockholding and consignment agreements

We would be happy to explain our SHOP IN FACTORY® concept in a presentation and exchange views on your individual framework conditions. Please contact us at any time, we look forward to an interesting conversation!

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